About me

It was love at first sight …

I was inspi­red to cre­ate a pla­ce for people who appre­cia­te art and natu­re; a pla­ce for people who seek sola­ce from the routi­nes of eve­ry­day life. I belie­ve that Art Habi­tat is full of “Angels” who sur­ro­und us with the­ir care for all who stay here.

I enjoy living in har­mo­ny with natu­re, and being sur­ro­un­ded by gre­ene­ry, the sound of birds sin­ging, and loved ones. I want to expe­rien­ce life with all my sen­ses, enjoy­ing eve­ry day.

With my guests, I want to sha­re what is most pre­cio­us in my life – moments cap­tu­red in front of the came­ra, che­er­ful­ness, and my love for beau­ty – all in an atmo­sphe­re of good friendship.